Siren’s Call…

i left a comment, and reblogged, –  well, ok, it’s right back there so you can back up and read Wind Against Current’s post or just click the link. The part that got me thinking was this, “It’s that small voice that calls to you: “Pay attention! this thought, or image, or moment, or destination is important!””.

And then blogger Johna Till Johnson (@johnatilljohnson) stated that artists, scientists, and adventurers all know that voice. Certainly those are all people who hear and heed the call to stop, step aside and pause, even follow where the call leads.

In one of my alter egos, the credit union security officer ego, I constantly remind co-workers that we all need to pay attention when that voice, often deep inside and speaking ever so softly, says, “Pay attention!” Then it’s to pay attention to what is happening here, why does this not feel right…

Muse or guardian, we should all cultivate listening to the voice that calls.

[When you’re visiting Wind Against Current don’t forget to see what Johna and photographer Vladimir Brezina (@vladimirbrezina), who supplies the amazing images on the blog, “really do” in life – Just saying’, people are amazing]

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