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9 reasons to learn French

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That’s what I’m talking about. Or would like to if I spoke French, time to study harder!

Shoe On The Moon


I’ve been learning French for half a year now and I figured I’d share with you the reasons why I do it. Allons-y, shall we?

1. It sounds amazing! Just say it…omelette du fromage.. hear how nice it sounds? That’s what I’m talking about.

2. You can speak to French people. I mean, style, great wine and cheese. What else would you ever need?

3. It’s quite similar to English. You would only need to learn verbs and tenses, okay, maybe some other words as well, but really there are a lot of similarities.

4. It is quite a bit like Spanish as well (at least so it seems to me). So after learning French you can be a bad ass polyglot and learn Spanish as well!

5. Just knowing that you can speak the language that Napoleon, Louis XIV, Hugo, Voltaire and other great french people were talking feels pretty awesome…

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