4 thoughts on “Eros’ error

  1. Good Morning!

    Nicely done! I would have preferred “before the serpent” as being more theologically correct. The “fruit” (commonly thought of as an apple was just the instrumentality of the serpent. Please forgive my being so picky this morning. Call it my bad back and sleep deprivation! 🙂


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  2. Laudable, but “before the serpent” would have been more theologically correct. The fruit (not apple) was just the instrument of the serpent. Yeah, I’m picky this morning. Call it a bad back and sleep deprivation. I hope you will forgive me! 🙂


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      1. Yes, Sir! But I’ll have to see your poetic license; I’ve never seen one before. Do you mind taking it out of your wallet and passing it through your window…NO…don’t open the door…just slide it through the window ~officer looks closely at license~ I’m sorry,Sir but your license expired when Calvin Coolidge was in office. I’ll cut you some slack this time but next time you’ll have to go to the station house and pay a fine of 13 billion rupees and/or 37 months in jail memorizing the so-called Shakespearean sonnets and reciting them aloud in Swahili. Why? Because Shakespeare claimed poetic license, too, and I didn’t let him off! So off you go, and don’t let me catch you playing fast and loose with the Scriptures again! 🙂

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