Flag Waving

Good sentiments for the Fourth of July 2015! Remembering the Independence and Freedom that a nation of immigrants fought to achieve.

Rivers Renewed

Maine and More 232

I love my country. Most of us do, unless we live under a dictatorship. We have so many freedoms here, including the freedom to worship the way we choose, or to choose not to worship at all. Regardless of where we live, our country is a part of who we are. However, I have two big concerns about the United States.

The first concern I have is prejudice. I am shocked, horrified, and disgusted. Hatred towards any group of people is wrong. I simply can’t believe that in 2015 we have such a horrible problem. Do we really have the right to criticize other nations, when we have such hatred in our own backyard?

Secondly, I am concerned about the lack of compassion here. There is simply not enough, of caring about people. I thank God for government programs to help people. Many people hate the idea of paying more…

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Plein Air Premiére

What a great way to celebrate and honor a fellow artist’s emergence from the studio into plein air. And, what a great start.

Heidi Hjort Artwork

Heidi Hjort Sunlight Sparkle. My first Plein Air painting ever.

Suddenly, everything came together for a Plein Air Premiére. Perfect weather, my painting friend Annika available and I was able to take a couple of hours off from work. Boy, have I’ve been waiting for this moment!

It is not an easy thing to do, plein air painting. I didn’t expect it to be. There are so many distractions, a viewfinder would be great. Then there is the decision making; am I aiming for a finished painting or just a study of colors and values…Well, I did like the ostrich, buried my head in the sand and picked up my brush.

The sparkle of sunlight in the water was what I wanted to paint. Value, color, composition… the actual scene before me. I was totally caught up in the moment trying to solve the problems as they came up. In a little while…

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Sri Lanka

A country afar,

a day’s travel away but

not as seen  Afar.

A day, a night, a resort,

won’t reveal a people, Afar!