Saturday’s Walk at Bluff Point

A foggy day Loon

It wasn’t necessarily a good day for a walk, but it was a good walk. Small group with just 3 of us but that made for a faster walk and some conversation, catching up, along the way.

Weather was that icier feeling of being colder that you get on foggy days on the water. We were close enough to catch that same affect on the cove side trails. Some iced over puddles and shattered then ice coatings where the puddles were very shallow.

But the weather wasn’t bad enough to discourage a couple of clammers out in the water gathering Super Bowl appetizers.

And, as I “promised” in the early post about the walk, the lone Loon was on Mumford Cove. A single one working the northern most section of the cove.

Already looking forward to the next Pancake Breakfast Walk at the Hoffman Evergreen Preserve on March 7.

See you on the trail…

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