Just a Tree…

Introducing my original ATC (Art Trading Card), also known as ACEO (Art Card Editions Originals) available on eBay
Ray Hasson “Just a Tree” Introducing my original ATC (Art Trading Card), also known as ACEO (Art Card Editions or Originals) available on eBay by clicking above.

Just a tree
in late spring or early summer,

In mid winter,
with more snow coming,

It’s time to look forward
to grass being green
trees being in leaf

It’s just a tree
a little summer relief.

Well, it’s about time I got back to posting. I know I’ve made some stabs at starting and then fell short… Covid-19 of course not helpful when we’re living a more isolated life. It has giving me a chance to begin doing some of the things I find comfort in. My art, training, and a bum shoulder that required some Occupational Therapy got me working out. And of course some clearing out of the old… Thus, I wandered into eBay and that led to small Art Trading Cards, like the one illustrating this post. So now I have several of them on eBay and several more waiting to be listed.

So, along with the change of national leadership, I’m changing up my eBay connection. The name it’s currently under was a spur of the moment, we need to called something, idea. And so far it has been pretty much stuff-n-such4u (Stuff and such for you) but this blog is soon to be renamed and the eBay connection will carry the same name. I’ll leave you wondering what they’ll be called… So, look for another posting here soon…

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