Sri Lanka

A country afar,

a day’s travel away but

not as seen  Afar.

A day, a night, a resort,

won’t reveal a people, Afar!


Fridays Art: Red Canoe

Red Canoe

It’s the week after “opening day” and time to get out fishing. I never go on opening day, way too crowded, too many non-fishers making their only appearance of the year. Hey, not that I don’t like fishing with others but unless it’s in a canoe, or a boat, I’d rather not be within rod length of each other. Crossed and tangled lines, limited drift, poor etiquette, all sap the enjoyment from the outing. But this weekend? Time to wet a fly, see who,s coming to dinner…

Cradle of Liberty

Let’s get this straight: I am an American veteran, I served during Viet Nam, had a shipmate killed in action, spent a third of an active duty Navy career at sea, away from family, born in Columbus Ohio of a father who served in WWII and Korea and for an additional twenty years and rests in Arlington National Cemetary. I am a registered Republican, have belonged to the NRA, pay my taxes, read, believe, and defend the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the United States Constitution. And, Venessa Hicks’ photograph

MAKES ME PROUD! The flag as a cradle is the perfect illustration of this country as the cradle of liberty. It illustrates and honors the sacrifice and service that Vanessa Hicks, a fellow veteran, I, my family, have made and the Clevenger family is making to defend what this photograph so reverently illustrates.

I stand up, not in protest, but to salute Vanessa Hicks and the Clevenger Family.

Raymond Hasson, QMC (SS)
United States Navy (Ret)

It’s 2015…

So why do so few of the “things” I subscribe to, use, follow, etc. still not know that when they fill me inbox?

Pinterest is the only one I can immediately say doesn’t fall into this category.

When they email me with a few things their cookie tells them might interest me and I want to pin one of them they do what all the others do. They take me to a Pinterest log in page.

But, at the same time they’re checking and finding and opening my Pinterest app so I can seamlessly pin my interest. Then because I’m already in the app I browse around and usually pin one or two other things.

Way to go Pinterest!!

LinkedIn, Facebook, who else? You’re not on my nice list, it’s a whole boxcar load of coal for you.


Unnamed Source Doesn’t Equal Truth

“Insider” reporting of facts, provided the source’s name is not released immediately means there is no verifiable validity to the “facts”. Of course, if they support your view of the person, group, company, or government then they are the real facts.

What do you blindly accept as fact? Do any two eyewitnesses ever agree on what happened?

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