Madison Teas

      Teas at the British Shoppe!
       Cakes, scones, and pots of tea.
       Gone to be no more.
       Bought by one without intention,
       in silly pretension devoured.

A tanka in honor of the Front Parlor Tea Room that was in the British Shoppe for many years. In addition to true afternoon teas in the Parlor the Shoppe carried teas, tea accessories, and hard to find English food items from bangers through Gentlemen’s Relish to vegemite. As with many unique businesses stamped with the personality of the original owners, well deserved retirement and a move to Florida marked the beginning of the end. Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea is a great source for tea, even a fresh cuppa… But it’s not the front parlor with friends.

Loose Change

Quick trip to Florida and came back to loose change. Working at loose change, like “loose cannon” wrecking random havoc, at least that’s how keeping up with all the regulatory change in the financial sector feels. Counterproductive change, it’s going to have impacts that were never intended – certainly weren’t wanted by the people who thought they were being “ripped off” by the big banks. Change that is going to affect all those who paid their credit cards on time, never went over their credit limit, etc. – affecting them as creditors work out how to implement and comply with the new regulations.

Loose change… You better start collecting it in the car’s ashtray. You may need it soon when you’re riding on empty and your debit card gets declined.

Next spot…

Location & bird. Location now Florida and bird, make that birds and lots of them.

Tampa to Sarasota along the Sunshine Skyway I see Ospreys, lots of Osprey. They’re on light poles, in flight, hovering waiting to strike, count 8 before three Black Vultures capture my attention.

Lots of gulls and terns, familiar and unfailiar. Pelican, low and gliding just ahead, huge as I pass under.

Afternoon and it’s Sandhill Cranes, one of pairs with two chicks, and ducks

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