Something new, something old…

Woohoo!! I just changed domains, kind of, to for this blog – that’s something new. The something old is that will still work and it’ll simply redirect to

As a blogger, you’ve gotta love WordPress and the tools, support, training, etc. that make it so easy to have a great blog (Ok, I’m still working on my part of that. lol 😀 )

So now I have a blog site that matches the name of my blog, makes more sense to people, will make it easier to find – in other words all the things you don’t want to have to constantly worry about while you’re trying to create content for the blog. And these are all things I may have never done if I hadn’t spent a great month with @michelleweber, @supernovia, @jeremylduvall on Blogging 101, and with @benhuberman, @lettergrade on Writing 201 and all of the bloggers, writers, and poets that were my “classmates”.

Divergence: “What are you willing to do today?”

I occasionally diverge from the usual content of this blog. Yes, there’s usual content..? But, many things capture my attention and interest so this inaugurates a new feature: Divergence Saturday. And, I can’t think of a better topic than health at a starter.

I’ve been following Dr. Chet Zelasko for several years now. Like me, that always helps, he likes to dig into, research, facts, why, what, and then explains it very clearly – that mean’s simply. Plus, I’ve met him and talked with him so I know that what he says here, reflects who he is, someone I trust. He blogs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday here: DrChet – Straight Talk on Health. He posts nice and early, at least for me on the East coast, so I can read him before I get distracted by the day.

The quote in the title of this post is how Chet ends every blog about health. Whether it’s something he’s concerned about, or the answer to a question – yes, he answers questions – it always ends with something you and I can do to be better. So…

“What are you willing to do today?”

And, thanks Chet!

Love In Ten Sentences

I was selected by Terry (@TerryB) whose blog, Through The Lens Of My Life, is well worth exploring to write something for the “Love in Ten Sentences” event. OK. Ten lines, four words each, each line including the word love, and then include a favorite love quote… let’s see how I do…

Love, where are you?
Oh to find Love
Velvet soft Love touch
Insanely crazy laughing Love
Nobody knows our Love
Giving you my Love
You fuel my Love
Overflowing limits of Love
Use me my Love
!Loving You my Love!

Copyright © 2015 Ray “Taohobo” Hasson

And the quote I’m sharing is by Paul of Tarsus, taken from The Message (1 Corinthians 13:13).

“But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.”

I’m inviting the following talented bloggers/poets to share their thoughts on love! For some, it will be a different step out if they accept it but diamonds need to have many facets in order to sparkle. So, because their blogs are worth visiting whether they accept the challenge or not, here’s the lineup…

Julie – (Re)Turn

Camille – Love Yourself Again

David – David Veliquette

Shreyarvj – The Open Window

Impossiblebebong – My Own Private Idaho

Andrea – Butterfly Mind

Johna – Wind Against Current

David – There Is No Calvary

Tyler – The ancient eavesdropper

Jonathan – Tiny Camels

You – and this includes you who are reading this – are under no obligation to accept this challenge to participate, but if you would like to share your thoughts on love, here are the guidelines:

  • Title a post: Love in Ten Sentences
  • Use ten lines
  • Four words per line
  • Include the word love in each line
  • Add your favorite quote on love
  • List and contact (challenge?) ten, or so, bloggers to share their thoughts on love
  • Include links to their blog and instructions on how to participate
  • Have fun sharing the love!

Siren’s Call…

i left a comment, and reblogged, –  well, ok, it’s right back there so you can back up and read Wind Against Current’s post or just click the link. The part that got me thinking was this, “It’s that small voice that calls to you: “Pay attention! this thought, or image, or moment, or destination is important!””.

And then blogger Johna Till Johnson (@johnatilljohnson) stated that artists, scientists, and adventurers all know that voice. Certainly those are all people who hear and heed the call to stop, step aside and pause, even follow where the call leads.

In one of my alter egos, the credit union security officer ego, I constantly remind co-workers that we all need to pay attention when that voice, often deep inside and speaking ever so softly, says, “Pay attention!” Then it’s to pay attention to what is happening here, why does this not feel right…

Muse or guardian, we should all cultivate listening to the voice that calls.

[When you’re visiting Wind Against Current don’t forget to see what Johna and photographer Vladimir Brezina (@vladimirbrezina), who supplies the amazing images on the blog, “really do” in life – Just saying’, people are amazing]