Fridays Art: Newport Sunday

Newport SundayAt one time I thought I could be much more productive if I just took photos of scenes that I wanted to paint. So instead of sketching I’d just whip out the camera, frame, shoot and move up the road, path, etc. When I got the pictures back – oh yes, dating myself be admitting this was in the day of film and developing and printing photos – I knew when, and where, but couldn’t for the life of me see what it was that had attracted me to that scene as a potential painting. That never happened with sketching because by definitiion the sketch captured what need expressing.

So here’s a quick sketch from a Sunday in Newport, Rhode Island. So much worth capturing in Newport and it’s a great place to spend a day just wandering around. Mansions, Cliff Walk, 2nd Beach… On and on.

On ‘night embrace’ and slipping away…

Again this morning, yesterday while driving, on waking, in the middle of a meeting… How often do the perfect words form? At the most inappropriate times. Leaving you waking to their evaporating memory.

Do you leave it, swirled into mist, unsharable, only a fleeting memory of what might have been? Or, do we hastily make some notes, never capturing the whole, and later spend hours trying to hammer it back into shape. It still looks like the front end of a ’58 Ford, slightly dented, hammer marked, and badly painted.

‘night embrace…’ is not the poem that formed in the night. It’s only the frustration that replaced that captured, then lost, image.