Next spot…

Location & bird. Location now Florida and bird, make that birds and lots of them.

Tampa to Sarasota along the Sunshine Skyway I see Ospreys, lots of Osprey. They’re on light poles, in flight, hovering waiting to strike, count 8 before three Black Vultures capture my attention.

Lots of gulls and terns, familiar and unfailiar. Pelican, low and gliding just ahead, huge as I pass under.

Afternoon and it’s Sandhill Cranes, one of pairs with two chicks, and ducks

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Birding at 70

MPH that is. All the usual, pigeons, crows, some gulls and a turkey vulture. More Red-winged blackbirds – they’re finally arriving in force. Still no Ospreys, that I’ve seen, but haven’t checked some of the spots where I can can usually count on Ospreys nesting. I expect them on St. Paddy’s so they’re late this year, don’t blame them with the weather we’ve had. Who wants to sit on a wet, waterlogged nest.