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Short, long, summary of a life

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a million monkeys are right…

I’ve been reading Douglas Johnston’s blog intermittently for a while now and his most recent post “So you wanna to start a blog?” got me thinking about this short lived effort. Well, not short lived because it’s alive and well, it’s just that its pulse rate is very low — a sign of fitness in atheletes.

Maybe it’s time to take it out for a run and get the tempo up. Johnston is right that anything started, whether a blog, relationship or project, without a clearly focused goal begins doomed to a bad ending. I didn’t have that clearly focused goal in the beginning and it’s still not fully formed today. I definitely knew what I didn’t want it to be: a rant, a platform for venting, a soapbox…

Starting it was both to see how easy it would be to do and with the idea that short succint observations of life around me fit with the concept of haiku. That still encompasses the concept that I have for this blog. Just some observations and musings.

Haiti, gasoline, hate war…
Tidal ebb and flow
Cold damp spring