Cry out!

Why must These tears fall,
crying, crying, into the night –
missing… missing… we have lost them,
lost them all.

Wheel of time,
you’ve hardly turned before they’re gone.
Turn back, turn back and restore,
restore to me mine!

I will hold you, hold you ever,
in thought, in prayer, in sighing breath,
my child, my sister, father, mother, brother, lover —
here, here in my heart living ever.
Here in my heart,
live forever.
And still I cry!

Off course…

Once in a while I’ll diverge, gently or enormously, from the haiku path. I’ve done that at least once before when my friend Anthony Demangone from NAFCU posts something especially interesting, important, spot on… Well, all his posts are but many are more business focused.

This post, Are you too busy? – Musings from the NAFCU CU Suite on the other hand is about life. The very thing Haiku attempts to capture in seventeen syllables.

So here’re some great ideas to apply to your journey

One up…

Ok? It’s a new look, this first one up, but is it a good look? Expect some more experimenting before I settle onto one particular format. Let me know what you think, about the blog layout, or the blog… Not just your random ramblings.

Had been working on genealogy for a few years, tracing my father’s side of the family. Was stuck on my father’s maternal grandmother, Mellie Handley. An unusual name but probably a family nickname so trying to find her in the census was not working out. Left messages on the bulletin board without much luck. Then, yesterday, I had a reply that looks like I’m now off on the trail of that side of my history.]

Breaking spring here. Yard work and birding, sketching… playing outside! Alive…