Haiku Journey

Short, long, summary of a life

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Mystery of One – a Tanka

“Pop, what’s the last number?”

“Numbers grow, then they’ll contract.

Isa, One is the last. 

One became two, two became three.

God is one when man is one.”


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Cry out!

Why must These tears fall,
crying, crying, into the night –
missing… missing… we have lost them,
lost them all.

Wheel of time,
you’ve hardly turned before they’re gone.
Turn back, turn back and restore,
restore to me mine!

I will hold you, hold you ever,
in thought, in prayer, in sighing breath,
my child, my sister, father, mother, brother, lover —
here, here in my heart living ever.
Here in my heart,
live forever.
And still I cry!