Just Loony…

There’s a backside to every story. There’s a backside to walking at Bluff Point State Park that also has a contemplative side, a connection to Haley Farm State Park in Noank, and a loony side.

But, what always draws me to the backside of Bluff Point in the winter are the loons that winter over in the cove. It’s one place where I can almost always find a loon or two floating and working the cove. Occasionally I’ve caught one on the edge of beach and watched its awkward scramble back to the safety of the water.

It’s not a sunning beach, mostly shells and gravel. It can be a “treasure” beach, especially for the young and young at heart. Shells, interesting stones, horseshoe crab shells… The things that spark a world of imagination – and often fill a child’s pockets (or bucket).

If you’d like to explore the backside of Bluff Point you can join me on Saturday, February 1st. (See the side bar ”Upcoming Walks and Hikes”.) or you can also use this link to Bluff Point Eastern Trail in AllTrails.com and explore on your own.

Enjoy the hike..!

White Heron

Lone white heron loping
over winter’s blackcold water
on tai chi wings.

Might evoke many images one of which could describe today’s journey to witness, lend support to, the Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) Committee’s hearings in Boston.

Base realignment and closing. A miscalculated consideration of dollars because people’s lives are not monetarially valuable. Disruption, displacement and dislocation are not concerns nor is the affect on those who have served and settled near these expendable bases.