Haiku Journey

Short, long, summary of a life

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White rabbit days…

Where have I been lately?

Having a run of “white rabbit days”. You remember the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass. The white rabbit in the waistcoat and the big pocket watch on the gold chain, The white rabbit who raced past Alice muttering, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” then darted down the rabbit hole… You know the rest of the story.

For me, it’s only been the rushing from one event, activity, appointment, task… to the next. Apply the brakes. Life, work and home, back onto a more normal flow of events. Grab a week to refresh, reflect, read a couple of good books (Thomas Merton, Charles Capps, Langston Hughes), garden, walk, bike… Ahh!

Speaking of the garden, there’s the apricot in bloom.

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The poetry of life

Life has its own meter and rhythm…
composing itself into haiku, and odes
pacing itself, stately and oh so slow,
then childishly ignoring what bodes.

Rushing at times without apology
or angry, weeping, open heart bleeding,
painful moments expressed in eulogy,
changing tempo, closing crescendo.

Life in its own meter and rhythm…