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Love In Ten Sentences

I was selected by Terry (@TerryB) whose blog, Through The Lens Of My Life, is well worth exploring to write something for the “Love in Ten Sentences” event. OK. Ten lines, four words each, each line including the word love, and then include a favorite love quote… let’s see how I do…

Love, where are you?
Oh to find Love
Velvet soft Love touch
Insanely crazy laughing Love
Nobody knows our Love
Giving you my Love
You fuel my Love
Overflowing limits of Love
Use me my Love
!Loving You my Love!

Copyright © 2015 Ray “Taohobo” Hasson

And the quote I’m sharing is by Paul of Tarsus, taken from The Message (1 Corinthians 13:13).

“But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.”

I’m inviting the following talented bloggers/poets to share their thoughts on love! For some, it will be a different step out if they accept it but diamonds need to have many facets in order to sparkle. So, because their blogs are worth visiting whether they accept the challenge or not, here’s the lineup…

Julie – (Re)Turn

Camille – Love Yourself Again

David – David Veliquette

Shreyarvj – The Open Window

Impossiblebebong – My Own Private Idaho

Andrea – Butterfly Mind

Johna – Wind Against Current

David – There Is No Calvary

Tyler – The ancient eavesdropper

Jonathan – Tiny Camels

You – and this includes you who are reading this – are under no obligation to accept this challenge to participate, but if you would like to share your thoughts on love, here are the guidelines:

  • Title a post: Love in Ten Sentences
  • Use ten lines
  • Four words per line
  • Include the word love in each line
  • Add your favorite quote on love
  • List and contact (challenge?) ten, or so, bloggers to share their thoughts on love
  • Include links to their blog and instructions on how to participate
  • Have fun sharing the love!


Teacher’s Pet

Well, not me. I was probably Mr. T.F. Davies’ biggest headache. And, he died before I was mature, smart, brave… enough to tell him what an impact he’d had on my life.

He was constantly after me to read. It seemed a daily project, maybe it was only weekly, but I remember that he was unrelenting. Just taking a book, waiting a couple of weeks and returning it was not enough. He asked questions, lots of questions, questions that could only be answered if you’d actually read the book. Opening it, skimming, dog-earring some pages, nothing else would work. He knew those books hadn’t been read.

In his persistence he finally offered me a very slim book, funny that I don’t remember which it was. Just that it was a Sherlock Holmes story – suddenly I was hooked, deeply, the barbs fully imbedded. I wanted another. Then another. Finally I’d read all the Holmes books in our school’s small library. He found me more, playing me well, enough to reel me in but not enough to break the still delicate tippet.

From Doyle to Conrad, from Conrad to Michener… Each book about something I was interested in,  mysteries, the sea, adventure, the world. The written word has shaped my life and my insatiable curiosity is never sated. I wonder how much more I would have learned had I been teacher’s pet. Thank you Mr. Davies!

Teacher’s Pet