Haiku Journey

Short, long, summary of a life

Sri Lanka

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on the Journey…

Creativity for the Haiku portion of this blog has been dim these past few years. Something I’m always thinking about… But, lately I’ve been thinking also about the other half, the journey portion, and that has still been continuing. Old doors closing and new ones opening, adventures and travel…

So, until the creativity kicks back in, and maybe beyond, I’m going to be posting about this journey. I’ll mix a little of this happened, with this is happening, to thus are the dreams…

Just a quick update tonight, I’ll be back in a couple of days.

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One leaf bud breaking,

new horizons unfolding.

Springs emerging day.

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The poetry of life

Life has its own meter and rhythm…
composing itself into haiku, and odes
pacing itself, stately and oh so slow,
then childishly ignoring what bodes.

Rushing at times without apology
or angry, weeping, open heart bleeding,
painful moments expressed in eulogy,
changing tempo, closing crescendo.

Life in its own meter and rhythm…