Posting about trout, seems,

when stalking with flies, obscene.

  Gone fishing, anyway!
(Ok, cheap excuse for not posting but packing a few days on holiday with activities I don’t usually make time for is lots of fun – and productive in other ways too – is the objective this week. Not that I won’t be posting but it’ll be a little more sporadic.)

No trout were hurt in the research for this post.

Fridays Art: Red Canoe

Red Canoe

It’s the week after “opening day” and time to get out fishing. I never go on opening day, way too crowded, too many non-fishers making their only appearance of the year. Hey, not that I don’t like fishing with others but unless it’s in a canoe, or a boat, I’d rather not be within rod length of each other. Crossed and tangled lines, limited drift, poor etiquette, all sap the enjoyment from the outing. But this weekend? Time to wet a fly, see who,s coming to dinner…