People. People who call themselves

by a name, a label.

People who place themselves

at the head of the table.

People who invoke for themselves

some elusive power.

People who see themselves

as the need of the hour.

People who see themselves

Worthy of all honor.

Who see their god as helpless, ineffective,

in Towers imagine,

Themselves above all others.

…for kings and all those who are in authority, …

Pointing your finger,

Placing blame where it belongs!

Looking in mirrors.

On craziness…

And I hadn’t even turned on the tv or gotten the paper yet…

Well, I had skimmed through FaceBook, but that’s not really the craziness I was refering to. Just the craziness of daily life sometimes. When we have back-to-back weeks juggling multiple meetings, being everywhere, wading through a tsunami of email…

Until you finally have a couple of free weekends sandwiching a light schedule at work. Not that you’re going to be any less busy. After all, you’ve got all those personal and professional to-do list items that were swept aside by the hectic schedule, to work on. But it’s your schedule, you feel in control again…

Not looking ahead to the week coming up, the week when the craziness begins again.