Things put aside…

I’ve been sorting. Sorting through inboxes, piles, etc. Not looking for anything specific, just looking to see what was there, what was still relevant. Not a lot, but one item did, it was a printout of a blog entry by Scot Loyd headed: A letter to Roy. He’s the black guy in my pictures.

Unlike most of what I’d sorted through that one avoided the wastebasket and went on top of a small stack of things I wanted to read again or follow-up on. The letter to Roy sounded more like something I could have written, 20 years earlier. Certainly not in 2020 about a friendship in 1989…

I’m not naive. I have little doubt, after watching Clergy fawn over… Well, let’s not go there because this blog entry isn’t about that. It is about the follow up, A Fair Critique to my “Letter to Roy” to those posts and, I think, a connection to Scot Loyd‘s blog today:

The sad reasons some are losing respect for the Church, and what we should do about it.

scotloydUncategorized February 23, 2021 5 Minutes

Several years ago, I posted this question on my facebook page: “For my friends who don’t attend church anywhere or did attend and have stopped, if you are willing to participate and be honest, I’d like to know why? You won’t receive any judgment or even a response from me unless you request one. I believe if, as a leader in a Christian Church, I can better understand the reasons people no longer attend church maybe I can better understand how to eliminate obstacles to the gospel. If you are uncomfortable posting feel free to inbox me. Look forward to reading your responses and thanks. Any takers?” 

A common theme that runs throughout is that people feel judged when coming to church…

Sometimes there’s a deeper reason why we’re led to put things aside until later. A timely post?

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