…for kings and all those who are in authority, …

Pointing your finger,

Placing blame where it belongs!

Looking in mirrors.

Not sure…

How this works? But it seems you can make a law that requires a 5 cent deposit and a law that says stores only have to pay a redemption for items they sell.

It probably works really well for the states that enforce payment of the deposit from out-of-state businesses. They get to keep all those nickels that can’t be redeemed. Don’t think it’s that much? Do the math… BIG BUCK$!!

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Loose Change

Quick trip to Florida and came back to loose change. Working at loose change, like “loose cannon” wrecking random havoc, at least that’s how keeping up with all the regulatory change in the financial sector feels. Counterproductive change, it’s going to have impacts that were never intended – certainly weren’t wanted by the people who thought they were being “ripped off” by the big banks. Change that is going to affect all those who paid their credit cards on time, never went over their credit limit, etc. – affecting them as creditors work out how to implement and comply with the new regulations.

Loose change… You better start collecting it in the car’s ashtray. You may need it soon when you’re riding on empty and your debit card gets declined.